Stephen Novicki,
Director of Plant Operations,

St. Clair Hospital, Pittsburgh PA

“Zenergy Consulting is very helpful in securing competitive market pricing for electrical generation services. They will provide market updates according to the clients needs... MORE

James Ayers, Property Manager
LG Realty Advisors, Pittsburgh PA

“We’ve been working with Zenergy Consulting since the beginning of deregulation... MORE



Zenergy Consulting Inc. provides unrivaled expertise in purchasing your natural gas and electric.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zenergy Consulting Inc. provides our clients with expertise in managing their energy portfolio.

We have the ability to completely manage the entire procurement process from beginning to end and provide ongoing support, including evaluation, dispute resolution, market intelligence and monitoring.

Buying energy in a de-regulated environment is no different than developing a thorough financial plan for your investments. A sound strategy is based on providing direction, managing risk, forecasting markets and purchasing at the right time.

Our highly skilled team of professionals includes engineers, consultants, legal and governmental advisors, market forecasters and a support staff. Many have worked in the energy industry their entire careers. MEET OUR ENERGY EXPERTS