FOR OUR OHIO CUSTOMERS (Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison and the Illuminating Company)

New tariff rates go into effect June 1, 2009 through
May 31, 2011. Every kWh you use will have a new generation and transmission rate. Your generation and transmission rate is expected to decrease 9 to 12% on a class-average basis.

You can further decrease your generation and transmission rates by purchasing your
energy through Zenergy Consulting.

Enrollment and Stay Requirements

  • Enrollments need to be processed 15 business days prior to your monthly meter reading to begin savings for the following months.

  • No shopping restrictions or stay requirements for residential and small commercial non-aggregation customers.

  • Large commercial customers that return to default service are subject to a 12-month minimum stay requirement with the utility.

  • Interval data is required for all customers with demands exceeding 199 kW. If you do not have an interval demand meter, then one must be installed by your utility. A charge will most likely be required by the utility.

Terms and Pricing Options
Zenergy Consulting Inc is recommending contract terms of 12 to 36 months. A fixed price offer will provide you with low risk and budget certainty throughout the term of your contract.

Current market prices are at a five-year low.

Getting Started
Complete a Letter of Authorization for Ohio customers and fax to Zenergy Consulting at
412-202-6222 with page 3 of your most recent electric bill from your utility. You can also scan the documents and email to Zenergy Consulting will provide you with a no obligation offer and savings analysis within a few days.

New Generation Rates and Riders (click your supplier below for rate charts)

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